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    Indomie Wants You To Win N1.5M In The #BellefullResolutions5 Challenge

    Indomie Bellefull Challenge started in 2014 and since then, lots of hilarious video entries have been shared on social media and many millionaires are emerging!

    I can remember the last Bellefull Challenge which held between July and August in 2017 saw lots of funny videos and it was quite difficult for the judges to decide who the winners will be.

    Surprisingly, you now have a better chance to become one of the winners of the ongoing #BellefullResolutions5 Challenge this year 😀. Have you made any resolutions already? If you haven’t done that yet, Indomie wants you to start now – and you’ll be rewarded for it 💰

    Way to go! 👇

    • Make a 60 Seconds comedy video showing how you make and break your new year resolutions
    • Your video must show a pack of Indomie Bellefull Noodles and also a cooked plate of Bellefull
    • Upload your video on any social media platform (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) using the hashtag #BellefullResolutions5 and tag @IndomieNigeria

    There you have it! All entries will be received from Nigerians residing in the country only. Get your camera rolling, your time starts NOW!

    This promotional offer is valid from now till 2nd of February 2018 by 11:00 p.m.

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    Whatever You Don’t Have Now It Means You Don’t Need It – Laerryblue

    Alaka Olanrewaju Mayowa is a young Nigerian who earns a living by creating solutions to problems facing businesses in Africa

    In a quick chat with him over the weekend, he sheds more light on how he has managed to help businesses grow organically and his future plans. Excerpt

    You’re fondly called Laerryblue. How did you come about the name?

    My full name is Alaka Olanrewaju Mayowa and my best colour is blue. My little experience in Germany made me discover my name is pronounced laerry and I decided to name myself “Laerryblue”. It is unique and nobody bears that in the world. Since then, people have known me as laerryblue.

    What motivated you to become a social media specialist?

    One of the best ways to make money in the world is to create solutions to certain problems and one of the problems I solve daily is to help businesses increase their audience, engagement and help them advertise their businesses to target audience.

    There are lot of social media specialists today, what makes you different?

    I help African businesses use the social media to target potential customers both geographically and by interests. With my vast experience I understand the African business terrain. I use this knowledge to enhance my services to the African market, dealing with businesses from all sectors/industries.

    Is there anything else you do apart from providing social media services?

    There is one thing you won’t believe, I was motivated to become a digital PR. I was really addicted to my phone that I press my phone 24-7 and couldn’t even do without the internet for a second, then it occured to me that I could use my phone to start making money. Later I found myself sending Broadcast Messages (BC) on bbm. Later on I started charging N1,000 per BC and people were getting great results. I had over 4,000 bbm contacts during the period. Then I started helping clients build their Instagram pages with real and active Nigerian Instagram followers. I went on to set up my own team, we were about 15. It was called “Royals Media Consult” in OAU, with the likes of Deroj (now CEO, Oba Media Consult), Dockthor, Rhozario and many others. My partner – Deroj and I organised several pool parties at the time. After I graduated, I pulled out of the team to start my own “Laerryblue Media” where I also manage and promote musicians, interpret and translate German language.

    What is your future plan for Laerryblue Media?

    My future plan and dream for my business is to be one of the best digital marketing companies in the world as well as one of the best talent management companies and to become a great employer of labour.

    Do you have a team working with you and are you looking to hire more people?

    Presently I have people working with the company ranging from the head PR, social media manager, chief strategist, videographer, content producer, digital marketing specialist, graphics designer, to mention a few. I am looking forward to hire more people as the company expands.

    What’s your business philosophy?

    “What is worth doing at all is worth doing well” and “Whatever you don’t have now it means you don’t need it”.

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    SEE: Fans React To FCMB Tweet About Morata

    Every evening, after the day’s activities, before retiring to bed, I troll the social media for eye-catching posts that would crack me up

    So I ran into a tweet of First City Monument Bank (FCMB) recently and trust me when I say the account handler’s got no chill at all 🙅! A reliable source confirmed the account handler to be a male staff who always has a response to every tweet about FCMB he comes across.

    If you’re football fan, then you’re aware of the recent match between Chelsea and Arsenal right? Oh yeah, how was it?? Lol 😉😂

    As at the time of writing this post, the tweet had been retweeted by 4,123 accounts (that’s an amazing count if you asked me)! Anyway, I have the tweet and some hilarious comments embeded below for your viewing pleasure only

    The Tweet


    And finally…I’m outta here with this last one 😂

    I hope this post makes you smirk. If it doesn’t, I’m not sorry because I tried ✌

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    Heard Of Bitclub Advantage Yet? No..!? You’re Kidding 😱

    There are two types of business men in the world today, those that invest and those that use people’s money to invest and make profit for themselves and for the investors.

    I was opportune to have a business meeting with some cryptocurrency investors earlier this week and they disclosed their goals for 2018 during the meeting. I was glad to be in their midst because I was able to win them over to my Bitclub Advantage family 😁 despite their years of experience in business.

    You must be curious to know what BITCLUB ADVANTAGE is about 😁

    Bitclub Advantage is an internet marketing company established by Alex Vera with head offices in Brazil and the UK. The company has rapidly spread to other parts of the world including Nigeria, saving and enriching lives.

    Bitclub Advantage enables you to subscribe with as little as $30 (about N12,600 at fixed exchange rate of N420/$) by bitcoin or bitclub wallet and you’ll earn 300% ROI which is over N50,000 within 50 to 52 weeks. Interesting part is that you may choose to be an Active or a Passive subscriber.

    Active Subscriber is one who promotes the Bitclub Advantage service and refers others to join. They will also earn 15% over the subscription fee a referral pays.

    Passive Subscriber is one who’s not skilled at or interested in talking to friends about how to make money. They will only earn the 300% accrued benefit without sweating!

    Bitclub Advantage takes your bitcoin, invest in businesses like real estate, sport trading; makes profit and gives you a percentage of your investment everyday. Note that Bitclub is not a get rich quick scheme or money lending machine platform, Bitclub Advantage is about real time internet marketing service that yields reward.

    It would also interest you to note that the company is not asking you to recruit anybody before you earn. You get paid from Monday to Friday till you have earned 300% of your subscription fee within a year – if you’re not referring others to join. You will also be able to ask for withdrawal once your earning is above $10 and when you receive back 300% of the value of your subscription you will have to renew your package or upgrade to continue earning again.

    If you don’t have bitcoin and would like to join my Bitclub Advantage family, you can buy from an existing subscriber directly and your bitclub wallet will be activated for you to start receiving your earnings. You’ll need an existing subscriber to put you through the registration and payment processes.

    Talk to an agent now on WhatsApp by CLICKING HERE

    This is an offer for you to be at home while professionals make money for you this year and beyond. Thank me later! 😉

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    Glad That We Made It To A New Year!

    It is important to thank God for bringing you this far and thus closer to destiny. It doesn’t go without saying that you couldn’t have wished for a better chance to live and grow bigger in every aspect of life.

    First off, I am going to thank God for giving me His word on which I build my trust and His steps that I follow. In 2017 I experienced lots of God’s love and favour. There were set backs but I still made a push to get going and it paid off eventually!

    Also, I couldn’t have come this far without having you around to read my posts. I appreciate your activities on WDB social media pages as well as goodhearted admirers who share information about ongoing promos, deals and other interesting stories via email, for publication.

    A big appreciation to WDB’s adorable advertisers and sponsors who are always willing to run the extra mile with WDB again and again. I’m super excited that we have started this year together as we plan for a better-best 2018 ahead!

    I have loads of activities lined up for the year. Live4More will be launched very soon, so keep an eye on subsequent posts for you not to miss out on it ☺.

    Thank you once again. I love you big time! 😘 😘

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    Have You Been To A Slum? See What Went Down At Makoko Slum Recently

    THE GIVE HOPE TO THE SLUM CHILD PROGRAMME AFRICA in conjunction with iTEL MOBILE invaded Makoko slum with loads of surprises this yuletide

    On Wednesday, December 20, the Give Hope To The Slum Child Programme Africa which is a Nigerian youth based non-governmental organization founded in 2011 by 5 young men marked it’s 8th edition of giving hope and smiles with over 100,000 habitants of Makoko slum community in Lagos.

    Loads of goodies like food stuffs, daily essentials, educational materials were shared to individuals and families within the community including free itel branded school bags, pencil case, manual torchlights, stationeries and other essentials for quality schooling activities given to the kids.

    Apart from cloth donation, special intensive medical check-up, medical consultations and drug administration also held simultaneously – for free by highly trained health care professionals.

    The great event which was sponsored by iTEL MOBILE through her ‘LOVE ALWAYS ON’ CSR initiative attracted top staff of the itel family to spread joy and give hope to adults and kids alike.

    Would you like to be a glimmer of hope today? Give hope and smiles to people around you. Become a Volunteer/Member today!

    Call or Message
    Seun – +2348137445028; Babajide – +2348152041064; Mojisola – +2347038653060; Busola – +2348086132451; Lanre – +2349090081261

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    Guess What Happened At WDB 2nd Year Anniversary Competitions Prize Presentation Ceremony In Lagos!

    Waawu! 😁 It feels so great to be back here again.

    Putting the competitions together with my team and supporters have been the most tedious task for me this year but on the contrary, every moment from the WDB Fast Challenge to WDB Meme Spree Contest has been awesome indeed. Yes, very awesome and I can say that again! ☺

    If time could permit, I would continue to reminisce about how I was able to put smile on faces through such an amazing event. I also want to cease the opportunity to appreciate everyone who participated in and contributed towards publicity of the competitions.

    Moving on to the prize presentation ceremony that held in Lagos precisely Ikeja…

    On Friday the 8th of December, I was ecstatic to meet the winner and runner-up of the WDB Fast Challenge which held on Facebook and Instagram for three weeks. Interestingly, I met the winnerΒ whose name is Amaechi Akano accidentally before the event. Just from her phone conversation I knew she was the one and I immediately snapped at her!

    So the show started and it was time to present the prizes. It was very emotional seeing a steely glint in her eyes that expresses her excitement!

    L-R: Sam, itel Staff; Amaechi Akano, the winner; Cousin Samuel, Founder of WDB.
    Ifunanya Akano, daughter of the winner, received a surprise goodie bag from itel. She also appeared in one of the video entries of her mum.

    The runner-up whose name is Taiwo Ademiju was also presented with two gift packs from itel; one for him and other for a special person.

    Cousin Samuel presenting the consolation prizes to the runner-up, Taiwo Ademiju.

    The winner of WDB Meme Spree Contest couldn’t make it to the event because he resides in Akwa-Ibom but he received his cash prize over-the-air and here’s his words of appreciation…

    The video below captures the most surprising moment of the event. Watch and enjoy!

    Since we are in the season of love and sharing, there couldn’t have been any better time than now to start giving! Abi na lie?

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    And The Thing Go SKRRAA!! Whatsup Deals Blog (WDB) Clocks 2 Today

    To our beautiful and adorable readers, fans and visitors alike, we wouldn’t have come this far without your love and continued activities (visit, comment and share). Every post we publish is written with you in mind – to provide timely and accurate information about mind-blowing deals, promos and brand trends that you need to know!

    O boi! Two years down the line. You’ll have to read this post till the last dot, pls bear me. 🙏

    Looking back now, we’re super-duper excited that we are fast becoming one of the most sought-after and addictive online platform in Nigeria despite the glitches, records and feedbacks we have had over the past two years.

    We can go on and on recounting our remarkable moments. From the worst nightmare to the major breakthrough! Everything inbetween still remain green in our memories.

    Looking forward, as the only online destination in Nigeria for up-to-date and exclusive deals; promos and brand trends, we’re geared towards providing rightly sourced contents and birthing better ideas that will help us impact more businesses and lives in Nigeria and rest of the world.


    In other words, it took us lot of courage to become a platform everyone reckons with!

    For the record, Whatsup Deals Blog (WDB) recorded exactly 5570 traffic/visit on the first week of launch. To us, it was a milestone. 😂 Gradually, we began to have spike in traffic and in the first six months of operation we had an average of 10,000 page views weekly.

    By the end of our first anniversary contest in November 2016, we recorded an aggregate of 7,000 page views daily. That’s impressive for a new blog, if you asked me. Fast forward to this year, we have tremendously improved on our reach both onsite and social media. Today, we brag of having over 40,000 page views daily (including 20% unique/new visitors) and we are working round the clock to increase traffic to WDB. We also look forward to having you around again but with friends! 😉

    Moving on… Our first anniversary wouldn’t have been complete without the Whatsup Selfie Contest which held on Instagram with massive support from notable brands and of course, itel who was the major sponsor. Click here to see inside scoop of the contest and winners

    This time, we thought of doing something better and bigger to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary and we’re already overwhelmed by the great enthusiasm of participants in the ongoing WDB FAST CHALLENGE which is currently holding for 3 weeks on Facebook and Instagram.

    To spice it up a little more, there will be another contest on Twitter immediately after the ongoing challenge and it will hold for a week. This is to show our appreciation for your love to us. There couldn’t be any better way!

    Ah, this post is very long o! 😱 Let me pack my things and be going. You’re amazing if you’re reading this line. You are the BEST! 👍👍

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    YES! You Can Win 20k With Surprise Gifts From Itel In The #WDBFastChallenge

    LOL…Now you can call me Man Of The Year cos I’m finally here 😀😀 !

    How’s you (in Jenifer’s voice)? Anyways, it’s that time of the year when all of us at Whatsup Deals Blog (WDB) will be giving away loads of goodies and freebies to our amazing readers and everyone on social media.

    Yes, you read that right! It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone this November because WDB is celebrating its 2nd year anniversary…can you guess when exactly?? (That could be a quiz for you very soon. So start your research for the answer now)

    Moving on to the buzz of the moment…

    WDB Fast Challenge is one of the competitions we are holding to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary. It will hold for 3 weeks on Facebook and Instagram.

    We are challenging everyone who own a smart device or phone to see how faster and smarter they really are than their devices. You know, we live in the smart age and everyone is expected to think fast and act smart!

    For 3 weeks, there will be weekly trivia. Here’s the plan:

    • WEEK ONE (November 6 – 11): FOOTBALL TRIVIA β€”


    • WEEK TWO (November 13 – 18): WDB’S NOT HOT TRIVIA β€”


    • WEEK THREE (November 20 – 25): MUSIC TRIVIA β€”


    So, two entries will be selected at end of each weekly trivia by our judges based on Speed, Accuracy and Delivery. That means, you don’t have to hustle for votes like regular video competitions.

    At end of the weekly trivias, 6 entries will be shortlisted for the final round of selection. The best video entry will be picked based on Overall Performance in Speed, Accuracy and Delivery while second best will also be picked by our judges. That means, a winner and one runner-up will be rewarded for proving their Fastness and smartness!

    The winner wins a Grand Prize of N20,000 Cash with 2 gifts packs from itel. The runner-up wins Surprise souvenirs from itel.

    We’re proud to be holding the #WDBFastChallenge with full support from itel mobile Nigeria. Check again for a new post on our 2nd competition. Good luck! 👍

    Post updated on Monday, November 27 at 12.59pm
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    #WDBFastChallenge Football Trivia Has Ended β€” See What’s Next!

    I looked forward to seeing how smarter and faster people can be when asked to rep their favourite football club and mention their best 11 players in the team within just a few seconds. Entries came in and yeah…they were mind-blowing!

    A day to commencement of the Football Trivia, Facebook and Instagram users were all agog with curiosity to join #WDBFastChallenge. At 6pm on November 6th, entry was open for the trivia!

    It was good to see how people were keen on participating and entries were voluminous. Just a few entrants exceeded the time limit of 15 seconds while others were at close range of speed which made it tough for the judges to pick the best 2.

    However close the speed (time) range of entries was, the judges must make their final decisions for the best 2 out of over 120 entries. As of time of writing this post, I am yet to be notified of the final selection.

    At 5pm today, I’ll be announcing the BEST 2 ENTRIES of the Football Trivia that qualify for the final round of selections. If your entry is not selected, there’s ample opportunity for you to be among the six finalists we need by participating in the upcoming WDB TRIVIA and MUSIC TRIVIA.

    Moreso, I mentioned in my earlier post that there will be two competitions to celebrate WDB 2nd year anniversary. We’re still holding the first and the second will be on Twitter. I’m not disclosing any information about it yet.

    There’s enough room to join the #WDBFastChallenge if you haven’t. Follow our activities on Instagram and Facebook for you not to miss out on the upcoming trivias and giveaway.

    Tell a friend to tell others about #WDBFastChallenge! Will you? 😉😉

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    WAKE UP! #WDBFastChallenge Is Coming This November

    How time flies! I remember when I was prepping for WDB first anniversary competition last November. It was uneasy to come up with a contest idea that involved the general public…my first experience ever. I luckily had one, gave it an attempt and turned out great! But not as easy as it sounds though.

    How time flies! I’m here again, warmed over thoughts of how I can do better in our community. We live in the era of smart technology and I’m awaken to come up with something that has to do with SMARTNESS!

    Wake up! if you’re still snoring. Better still, wake up! if you’re not living the smart life.


    You must have seen a plane fly. Just capture the speed. Yes, the speed is what I’m interested in. That’s how fast our lives are changing in the smart world we live.

    If you’re using a smart phone (Android or iPhone) and you’re not thinking, acting, talking smart…you belong to the underworld. Hate me for this, I don’t care!

    A typical Nigerian would outsmart others at any slightest opportunity until they meet their doom. Abi na lie?

    So, I will be challenging every smart phone user in Nigeria who CLAIM to be fast and smart!

    Starting from November 1, there will be weekly trivia on Facebook and Instagram for four weeks. Two entrants will be selected based on merit (no vote is required) at the end of each trivia. By the end of the WDB FAST CHALLENGE we will have eight entrants (finalists) who will be invited for a physical challenge. One winner and two runners-up will be rewarded for their brevity, smartness and speed! Others will be given consolidation prizes.

    We’re fast approaching the season of love and sharing – December! What better time than now to start winning amazing prizes for yourself and loved ones. Join me in WDB FAST CHALLENGE and show off your smart ass skills. I’ll be sharing more information about WDB 2nd Anniversary Competitions in my subsequent posts.

    Stay with me! 😉

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    HOT: If You Use N100 Today You’ll Win ‘Something Big’ From Glo Everyday!

    According to Glo: It’s a season of love and there’s a total of 70,000 prizes up for grabs from now and throughout the festive period!

    Following several requests from people like you who love to confirm how true and authentic a promo is before they make their final decision to participate, I thought of putting this post up. However I’m also doing this to fulfil my obligation of keeping you abreast of EXCLUSIVE promos you need to know.

    It would also interest you to note that as a promoter of deals and promotional offers, I am not eligible to participate hence, I write based on shared experiences of participants and of course, information I receive from the organisers. Anyway, I’m giving you a full guaranty that this promo is one you should not sleep on.

    So, Glo is giving away loads of prizes to both prepaid and postpaid customers who will recharge and use at least N100 everyday, starting from today! The interesting part is, each day has a different prize to be won.

    • On Mondays, you could win one out of 50 LED Tvs up for grabs
    • 150 4G LTE smartphones will be won on Tuesdays
    • 100 Generators will be up for grabs on Wednesdays
    • 100 Refrigerators will be won on Thursdays
    • 200 Microwave Ovens will be won on Fridays
    • 650 Glo 4G mifi will be won on Saturdays
    • Sundays are the bomb as someone will drive home a brand new car!

    If I’m very correct by my calculations, 1251 prizes will be awarded to 1251 Glo customers every week! Can you beat that?! 😱😱 I bet you can’t, so join the train now as e dey hot! 😉😉

    Your chances increase by amount of recharge you make. That is, N100 gets you one slot while N1000 gets you ten slots. Now my question is, what’s your favourite day of the week to win?

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