Whatsup Deals Blog is more than just a blog; it’s an addiction! The FIRST deals blog in Nigeria bringing you NLRC APRROVED AND RECOGNIZED discount offers, sales deals, special offers, photo/dance/video contests, competitions and other promotional offers (or campaigns) you NEED to know.

Created and founded by Cousin Samuel in November 2015, Whatsup Deals Blog has achieved great success in enabling the entire public find one or more deals/promotional offers that interest them, activate it, and share to social media networks with friends and family.

Businesses all over Nigeria run promotional campaigns on a daily basis, but having the time to sieve through and get out what’s just right for you can be stressful sometimes; that’s where we come in. On any given day, customers or just anybody can have quick access to “approved and recognized” deals/promotional offers available nowhere else.

At the same time, Whatsup Deals Blog offers a much needed platform for small, medium and large sized businesses to promote their products, increase sales and get themselves known to our loyal readers who are actively engaged here and on our social media accounts.

Whatsup Deals Blog also has numerous talented writers, graphic designers, contributors and ‘scoopers’ that can scoop any interesting story of brands, products and services to keep you informed as well as make you smile, laugh out loud — lol, or just shake your head — smh!

On Whatsup Deals Blog, FAST has a unique meaning…
F – FIND an offer
S – SHARE it to social media networks
T – TELL your friends about it

Be FAST. Spread the news around. You rock! 😉

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