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This year, BlackFridaySales seem to have garnered lot of tractions; as buyers are already prepared to make orders, as fast as they can, once offers are up.

Last year experienced a great deal of turnover as many stores could brag about the amount of sales recorded in just 24hours. But this year, many stores have bigger and better plans for the BlackFridaySales.

While some stores will offer jaw dropping discounts on Friday only, others have taken to the next level by starting sales from Thursday to Friday. I even heard about CyberMonday too. Guys, this no be joke o!


Since everybody is talking about the great event, not everyone will be lucky to secure any of the killing offers. So, I have prepared 5 tips to help you secure one, two, three or even all of the plenty offers that will be up for grabs. Let’s go!

  • First, you must realise that stocks will be limited. Don’t be too relaxed. Retire from bed as early as you can and be the first to visit the website of the store you want to shop on. Sales will be up from 12:00am.
  • Also, you ought to have prepared a shopping list already. If you havent yet, it’s not too late you can still make a list before Friday. The list will enable you focus only on items you plan to buy because there would be lot of distractions – you may be blown away by offers on items you thought you should have listed. Follow your list; you can only buy what you have planned for.
  • Aargh!! It can be very frustrating at that moment when you are on the purchase page and your internet service provider trips off or your mobile device or computer rings the ‘red alert’ – Battery low!
    Ensure that you have an excellent internet connection and power your device adequately. Power bank is very handy on such day.
  • I need to stress this. Ensure that you have a sufficient cash in your bank account to foot the bills of items you want to buy. I’ll advise you work on the budget of usual prices of the items you want to buy. To avoid any embarassing experience, you may browse the store for current prices ASAP.
  • Finally, if you are confused on what (or what to not) buy, WDB will compile a selection of items with incredible offers on them for you to choose from at your convenience. As always, you are a click away from having your desires faster than you thought whenever you visit WhatsUp Deals Blog anytime, anywhere!
  • I hope with these few tips of mine, I have convinced but not confused you on how to grab plenty offers in this year’s BlackFridaySales.

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