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2019 Fashion Trends To Look Our For In Nigeria

Fashion is known to be a popular style, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyles and body

In Nigeria, fashion is dynamic. That is, today’s trend may become outdated tomorrow. For you not to fall into the category of outdated folks in this new year, WDB has got you covered as we predict and compile a list of fashion trends that’ll stay in vogue throughout the year 2019. So sit tight while you read ‘n’ chill! 😉



WDB Nigeria

Bold colour dress is not worn just for the sake of wearing because it bears a visual statement of your mood. This style can elevate your mood from zero all the way up within the blink of an eye when you are having a bad day. It becomes easy for people to acknowledge your presence and it signals that you have a lovely, daring & cheerful personality!



WDB Nigeria

2018 taught Nigerians that when it comes to weather, you really can never be too prepared for rainfall and thus, waterproof jackets became lifesavers and judging by the meteorological reports, we might have similar weather conditions this year. So while you want to prevent yourself from downpours or cold weather, you would also want to appear fabulous in a colorful waterproof jacket.



WDB Nigeria

Yes, you are right the crazy but lovely trend of wearing beret became rampant late last year and you should be rest assured that it’s going to stay for the first half of 2019. Wearing classic beret or head warmer can completely tone up your dressing, beret might look simple but can be very powerful in when you wear them appropriately.



WDB Nigeria

This western inspired fashion obsession found it way back into limelight again last year and many fashion brands and stylists are not ready to leave it behind yet. This year, the fringe style will cut across jackets, jeans, hand or cross bags, skirts and who knows maybe the syndrome is going to spread to hair styles as well!



WDB Nigeria

Classic and casual shorts are coming (like winter) to steal the show this year. What you need is to keep it simple and you’d get a completely sophisticated appeal! Interestingly, ladies are ready to go the extra mile and slay in boyish alternative look.

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