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HOT PICK: Trending Ankara styles you should try out this 2018!

Ankara was initially believed to be common only with local market women. In recent time, different styles of latest design are now being sewn with it, even by celebrities

Men who were never believed to go for Ankara are now coming out with stylish Ankara dresses. The ladies are also not left out with lots of amazing styles coming through everyday. Ankara has different grades with different prices starting for 1,000 naira for six yards to 12,000 naira for the same number of yards. The cheapest ones are too inferior as they get faded from the first wash.

More so, it is not worthy to sew a very nice style with a bad fabric. To get the best output for your clothes, the fabric should be of good quality and it should be a design that really suits the style. All the latest styles are different, but they have an important place in the world of African trends. Ankara styles never go out of fashion: every year, the Nigerian and African fashion designers surprise us with new trends that involve Ankara fabrics.

If you’re the “Owanbe type” or “mo gbo mo ya type” here are some of the different trending styles you should check out!

Ankara gowns

Ankara gowns are designed in variety of ways. They can be short, long, and below-the-knee, the different lengths depend on an individual’s personal preferences. Sometimes, the gowns are also asymmetric, which is a new creative discovery by African designers. This means that the front of a dress is short but it is longer in the back ( suitable for folks that love to show off their beautiful legs). For the Ankara long gown styles, they are no less attractive than the short ones. They are the best for those women who do not wish to draw much attention to themselves or would like to hide some figure flaws. The gowns could be off-shoulder, long sleeved or short sleeved (depending on your preference), straight, penciled, pleated (the list goes on).

Ankara Shirts

This new Ankara style is common among men especially those who do not like native wears, the shirt can be combined with jeans, shorts, trousers and even other Ankara trousers. And sometimes it might just be a little touch of Ankara fabrics on a plain shirt.

Ankara tops and skirts

The Ankara tops and skirts come in different styles and designs. The tops are mostly rocked with jeans pants and leggings and sometimes with penciled skirts (depending on individual  preference). The skirt designs include: high waist skirts, peplum skirts, pleated skirts, asymmetric skirts, bell-shaped skirts, dirndl skirts, circular skirts (and so on) are also mostly combined with English dresses.

Ankara trousers

There are so many amazing Ankara trouser styles for the ladies out there and the style you choose is a matter of your taste and originality. Same goes for the guys. The trousers are combined with classic shirts or other Ankara fabrics.

Ankara shorts and jumpsuit

The short style is suitable for both the male and female folks and it’s a very simple style. This style is best for individuals who have lovely sets of legs to flaunt and with impeccable confidence. The jumpsuit on the other hand is for the ladies, it’s also a very simple style for ladies with so much swagger and those who are not afraid to try something new. The Ankara shorts and jumpsuit style is preferable in hot temperature season.

Ankara jackets and suit

Ankara jacket styles are rocked by both guys and ladies. And the jacket can be of different designs. The jackets are combined in different manners and with different accessories. The suits are mainly for the men (at least for now) and are designed just like the cooperate suit wear used in official settings. The Ankara suits are rocked the same way you rock the cooperate suits and add a lot of African uniqueness to the individual.

Ankara ties and accessories

For guys that love to dress cooperate, Ankara ties is one thing you should try out. They come in different styles and include the slim ties, long ties and bow ties. There are also cuff links and square pocket accessories for your cooperate wears.

There you have them ☺ Hopefully you’ll try out one or two styles before the year runs out. Keep dressing good keep slaying right. Have a wonderful day. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends too!

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