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(PICS) Wearing Denim On Denim The Best Way!

Can you wear denim on denim? This is one question most people tend to ask when it comes to fashion, because wearing a denim shirt on a denim pant used to be awkward for a long time but now it’s in vogue!

It looks not-so-cool on you for the first time, even after appropriately combined. But wearing it the wrong way will make you look nothing but disaster. To avoid looking awkward, here are some tips for you to take into consideration…

Go for contrast Denim wash or shades

Wearing the same denim shade can be boring and dull, especially when the denim is a darker shade. Blending a darker shade with a less dark one (or better still a light wash) would be a lot fun and happy. Alternatively, you could pair a black wash with a blue stone wash. Whichever option you go for, make sure you’re contrasting different washes and shades.

Wear it smart

One important rule of thumb is keeping your appearance smart. You have to keep your denims smart for proper comportment. Avoid baggy jeans and oversized denim jackets (strictly avoid if you are a slim person like me). Avoid the tight denim jackets too because they tend to cause discomfort to your arms. Instead try skinny denim pants and smart denim jacket. And for a smarter look try it with sneakers.

Skirts and denim shirts

One of the most beautiful ways the ladies can rock their denim on denim is rocking a denim shirt tucked into a denim skirt. For girls who are slim or have a perfect figure considering the body hugger denim skirt will be perfect. Pencil denim skirts are also available skirt alternatives. Going with a skinny pant trouser is another great idea.

Keep the lighter shade on top

Opting for a lighter shade denim top is one important tip to not leave out when trying to blend your denim outfits. Even if the denims are dark shades, the one that is lighter is preferably on top because lighter shades of denim draw attention to the body parts they cover, while darker washes create a slimming effect. Therefore a lighter denim shirt/jacket and a darker denim jeans/skirt will give you that flattering look you want.

Try a distressed jeans (ripped) 

It’s almost impossible to go out without seeing one or two people rocking a distressed jeans. From the little openings to the massive ones, distressed jeans are the trendy pants out there, rocked by both male and female folks. If you don’t have a distressed denim, it’s really easy to do it at home yourself. You can basically distress any denim item – whether that be a jacket, shirt or jeans, they’ll all work well. Remember, don’t overdo the distressing, as over time it will naturally become more distressed (through washes and wear).

Fly your denim jacket

Wearing a round neck T-shirt under your denim jacket is always a good idea and makes you feel comfortable flying your jacket. Flying your denim jacket adds an extra swagger to your composure because it makes you feel more comfortable in it. When flying your denim jacket the appropriate pant is a denim jean (a smart distressed denim jean will spice things up for you).

So there you have it, fam! 😎

When next you’re out to that favorite boutique or you’re checking out your wardrobe for Denims to rock consider my tips and you’ll be just fine.

Do you have other fun ways you wear your denim shirt, jacket or pant? Feel free to share some in a comment below.

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