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Staying Chic And Dry This Rainy Season

The rain is starting to pour after a long wait for it. Barely two weeks ago and everyone was clamouring for a downpour, as a result of the excessive heat specially imported from the pit of hell which so many people believed was a punishment from God for all of us that sang “mans not hot ” in 2017. But now one look outside and yep, it’s raining.

Rain is fun for so many things: splashing around in puddles, watching it fall from inside a warm place while taking, beautiful lightning and the always cool atmosphere. But when it comes to fashion, it’s one of those things that trips us up more than anything else. How to look chic (and stay dry) during a downpour!

I will be taking you through some fashion tips you would love to try out this rainy season. There are few things worse than getting caught in the rain without notice. Hopping around in soggy socks, muddy shoes and drenched clothes can put a damper on what should be a bright day. Although rain can be incredibly challenging to dress for in a country like Nigeria where summer clothing stay in fashion all-year-long, from what type of material you can wear to how to stay dry without sacrificing style, here are tips to make you get that simple, smart rainy day look.

Bright colour

Most people go with dark colours on a rainy day, don’t be scared to wear something bright and fun on a rainy day. Bad weather can be depressing, so why not go out of your way to wear something not depressing and cute? The colour of your shirt can vary from blue, pink, red, yellow, orange…but avoid white, wearing white in the rainy season is certainly not a good idea as white clothes tend to get transparent when wet and get stained easily.

umbrellas, raincoats and trench jackets

A cute umbrella can be an accessory. There are so many adorable and cheap umbrellas available at stores so there’s really no excuse to stick to basic black. Buy a couple in your favorite colors if you live in a really rainy area and use them to add color to your look.

Kids umbrellas are cheap, cute, and perfect for one person.

Don’t spend a lot on an umbrella. If you’re anything like me, you’ve lost more umbrellas than you care to remember. That’s why you should never spend much on them. Even if you aren’t prone to misplacing them, umbrellas still aren’t investment pieces, just buy a cute one that is less expensive.

And if you’re the type that despise umbrellas or see it as an extra burden to carry or you feel it can only fend some of the rain away and can’t cover the entire body, you can definitely try out raincoats and trench jackets for full protection, a trendy mid-thigh jacket will shield the body just fine (but be prepared to spend more). Raincoats naturally have hoods but trench jackets might not, so if you’ll be going for one make sure it has a hood (so you don’t regret not holding an umbrella). Avoid denim jackets as they get wet easily and takes longer to dry.


Stick to covered shoe styles that are short and sleek to keep the feet out of puddles. Invest in rubber jelly scandals, flat shoes, floaters and any other sturdy footwear which is slip resistant. Also, protectant-treated leather shoes are suitable in rain. Wearing white shoes may not be the best choice, white sneakers are a NO to avoid being messy. I’m sure you probably know this already, but just in case… Suede is off the limits in rain because water usually ruins it, and leather that hasn’t been treated with a protectant can easily be damaged by water as well.

Try Synthetic fabrics 

If you love leggings, try switching from a cotton pair to a pair made from nylon,fabrics made from nylon are best suited for seasons like this. Fast-drying, opaque, comfortable. If you usually wear wool trousers, try ponte or a blend of polyester and rayon instead. These materials tend to be lightweight, so they won’t weigh you down if they become damp.

Waterproof bags 

Just imagine your documents getting soaked on your way to class or work,or your laptop getting drenched (no one wants such calamity). How do you prevent this from happening? Simply by getting yourself a fashionable waterproof back pack, handbag or wallet or better still get a waterproof bag cover. They come in different colours, shape and style so won’t be a problem getting one that suits your style, It is one essential accessory you don’t want to leave behind on a rainy day.


To the ladies I’m sure you do not want to be a victim of teary eyes or as some call it “raccoon eyes”. Make up in rainy season can really get messy if it becomes wet. If you’re the type that can avoid it then it might be a good option but if you can’t do without it then you can go light on the foundation. If you are the type that fancies heavy make up irrespective of the season, you can still avoid a messy face on a rainy day all you need is a waterproof makeup, a waterproof mascara and eyeliner will help prevent a teary face.

With the above tips I’m sure you’re set to have chic rainy season ahead!

Did this help you?, or is there something you’ll want me to write about on fashion?, let’s get interactive ☺

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