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“Whatta feeling!!!!” 😆 — That explains the excitement I had after taking a number of beautiful selfies with the spanking new itel S11. Indeed, the itel S11 smartphone brings a sentiment of hope for capturing every moment of our lives better than we thought possible.

Now to the juice…..

Not too long ago did itel Mobile release a flagship device — it1516plus; the first off from the “1GB RAM” series I call the machine gun. A snap away from its release date we already have yet another device every stylish Nigerian would really love to own. Earlier, I had predicted an advanced ‘machine gun’ but it’s so clear to me now that itel Mobile is a brand you cannot predict what smartphone to be released next.

With that said, if you a own a smartphone with poor camera and picture quality, the good news is that itel Mobile has you in mind. Yes, because the all new itel S11 was specially designed for you! Not to worry about the price, you’ll find out shortly as you continue to read this post 😀

Interestingly, itel S11 comes in a variety of colours to choose from Rose Gold, Champagne Gold and Space Grey. If you ask me, I would go for Champagne Gold; as a gentle man 😉 while ladies will prefer Rose Gold and if you happen to go for the Space Grey, you’ll have me tripping! 😛

The itel S11 smartphone comes in dual cameras. The back 5.0MP Auto-focus camera with dual Led flash and front 5.0MP camera with single Led flashlight. The 1.3GHz Quad-core processor let you have no worries about slow operations. You’ll always enjoy smooth transition from your favourite application to another! 😀

Oh yeah, itel S11 comes in Android 6.0 operating system and 2400mAh battery capacity to carry you all through while you capture that iconic moment in crystal clear picture quality you’ll be proud to share with the rest of the world. The expandable 8GB ROM memory capacity can let you store all the best photo applications you can think of. You’re always a click away from installing your favourite apps from the play store anytime, any day!

About the price, following its official release today November 14, 2016, itel S11 can be purchased in stores nationwide for just N27,000. However, the price may vary depending on your location of purchase.

Did I tell you about the Whatsup Selfie Contest? Oh, I just did. 😀 Submission of entries for Whatsup Selfie Contest has begun and you too can join thousands of selfie lovers in Nigeria to win fantastic prizes. Click HERE for more info. Hurry now!!

Thanks for stopping by to read this post. You must be amazing to have come this far. You rock! 😉


  1. I quite agree with the information spelled out here about S11. I personally use the phone and the features are unbeatable. I never knew I loved to take pictures until I bought this phone my love for Selfies have grown bigger than I thought. Good work!

  2. This is quite unusual article on smartphones. You have a way of putting words together and they appear too hard to resist. You’ll read through over and over again. Kudos!

    This is my second stop on this blog and I’m guilty for not regularly stopping by. Itel is known for producing good smartphones, talking about battery. I’m only surprised why S11 comes in a 2400mAh battery. That’s quite ridiculous nonetheless it looks too good to not want to buy one.

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