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During my recent research, I stumbled upon one of the fast growing footwear merchants in Nigeria. Luckily, Naija Feet happens to feature on WhatsUp Deals Blog!

Naija Feet is an online shoe retail store birthed out of the ever-growing need for trendy foot wears in Nigeria. They don’t just sell shoes online, they style your feet and leave you with a pleasant after-purchase experience.

Buying footwear online via Naija Feet would leave you wanting more. That said, Naija Feet don’t just want you to buy shoes, but want you to buy the right kind of shoes that match your personality and set you apart from the crowd.

Guess what? Naija Feet is offering you prices that will shock you! Naija Feet deals with all kinds of shoes ranging from plimsolls to sneakers, loafers to boat shoes, chukka boots to dress shoes, stilettos to flat soled shoes, sports shoes and loads more. Popular brands like DC shoes, Ralph Polos, Reefs, Converse, Ollios, Aldos, Timberlands, Levis, ARiders and more are also available in stock at incredibly affordable prices!

Speaking of delivery, Naija Feet dispatches orders at the stipulated time highlighted on the payment page of their website. Within 2 to 3 working days, your order will be at your doorstep, anywhere in Nigeria.

Need I say more?? Click HERE to find out more about Naija Feet online store.

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