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Heard Of Bitclub Advantage Yet? No..!? You’re Kidding 😱

2018 is your year of harvest!

There are two types of business men in the world today, those that invest and those that use people’s money to invest and make profit for themselves and for the investors.

I was opportune to have a business meeting with some cryptocurrency investors earlier this week and they disclosed their goals for 2018 during the meeting. I was glad to be in their midst because I was able to win them over to my Bitclub Advantage family 😁 despite their years of experience in business.

You must be curious to know what BITCLUB ADVANTAGE is about 😁

Bitclub Advantage is an internet marketing company established by Alex Vera with head offices in Brazil and the UK. The company has rapidly spread to other parts of the world including Nigeria, saving and enriching lives.

Bitclub Advantage enables you to subscribe with as little as $30 (about N12,600 at fixed exchange rate of N420/$) by bitcoin or bitclub wallet and you’ll earn 300% ROI which is over N50,000 within 50 to 52 weeks. Interesting part is that you may choose to be an Active or a Passive subscriber.

Active Subscriber is one who promotes the Bitclub Advantage service and refers others to join. They will also earn 15% over the subscription fee a referral pays.

Passive Subscriber is one who’s not skilled at or interested in talking to friends about how to make money. They will only earn the 300% accrued benefit without sweating!

Bitclub Advantage takes your bitcoin, invest in businesses like real estate, sport trading; makes profit and gives you a percentage of your investment everyday. Note that Bitclub is not a get rich quick scheme or money lending machine platform, Bitclub Advantage is about real time internet marketing service that yields reward.

It would also interest you to note that the company is not asking you to recruit anybody before you earn. You get paid from Monday to Friday till you have earned 300% of your subscription fee within a year – if you’re not referring others to join. You will also be able to ask for withdrawal once your earning is above $10 and when you receive back 300% of the value of your subscription you will have to renew your package or upgrade to continue earning again.

If you don’t have bitcoin and would like to join my Bitclub Advantage family, you can buy from an existing subscriber directly and your bitclub wallet will be activated for you to start receiving your earnings. You’ll need an existing subscriber to put you through the registration and payment processes.

Talk to an agent now on WhatsApp by CLICKING HERE

This is an offer for you to be at home while professionals make money for you this year and beyond. Thank me later! 😉

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Glad That We Made It To A New Year!

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