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Have you heard of (or seen) the newly released Itel android phone yet?

OMG!! 😯 I am struck by the amazing features that are well crafted in the itel S31 smartphone released on January 31, 2017. If you are conversant with the social media especially Facebook, you will relate better. Nonetheless, I will be highlighting a few features – the unique ones of course as well as my disappointment. Yes, you read that right.

Now, you’re curious to find out, huh? πŸ˜€

The S11 released in November 2016 had tongues wagging as result of it’s design, affordable price and major advancement when compared with previous itel android phones. Surprisingly, S31 comes as a 3-level upgrade to S11 which I am very excited about. BUT I am not yet convinced if that’s so correct.

From entry level to high-end functions, S31 is well crafted to suit your needs. If you have troubles with the picture quality of your current phone; incessant seizures due to slow processor; or worse still the battery isn’t just your thing, then itel S31 is a better choice for your next purchase. Just like its predecessor (S11), S31 comes in three colors β€” Champagne Gold, Rose Gold and Black. That means you now have a sleekly designed and colorful phone that can make a lasting impression of your style no matter where you go.

Oh, no wonder much is said about the S31 camera…

For selfie lovers who have gone the extra mile to take pictures under low light and yet never satisfied with the result they see, here’s a grand home calling β€” THE GAME CHANGER IS HERE! πŸ˜€ Why? S31 is purposely built for you. The 5 level beauty mode of the camera enables you to take clear and bright pictures anytime of the day. The back camera has 5.0 Mega Pixels (MP) Auto Focus function enhanced by dual LED flash and Face Detection while the front camera comes in 5 MP with Soft Flash. Nothing more can beat those features of a phone camera, if you asked me.

Moving on to the architectural design and functions of S31…

As mentioned earlier, it comes in three colors: Champagne Gold, Rose Gold and Black. S31 also comes in a plastic body and a display size of 5.5-Inch Touchscreen which allows for more workplace as well as enhanced visibility. itel S31 runs on the (quite) latest version of android Operating System (OS) β€” 6.0 Marshmallow, although speculations about a new OS is brewing in the tech industry. That said, S31 is packed with an Internal Memory of 16GB, 1GB RAM and External Memory storage up to 32GB. Regarding the battery, Itel S31 runs on 2400 mAh battery capacity with Power Management feature and Marshmallow’s Battery Saving mode.

Even though itel S31 is built with complete technology and manufactured by a Chinese company, I am very disappointed that the beautiful smartphone is so flawless. Indeed, S31 has been designed to provide easy access to Smart life with the belief that simplicity is the essence of good taste.

I’ll wrap it up here before I bore you with more lines. πŸ˜› It’s amazing to have you read up to this point. Did you enjoy this post? If you did, be sure to write a comment below and share this post to friends on the social media and WhatsApp by using the icons below. See you again. You rock! πŸ˜‰


  1. This is very insightful and unique writeup. I was very curious to read why you are disappointed, believe me you nailed it way beyond than I expected. We need more blog writers like you who have the true passion for making a difference. Anyway, this post was shared on Itel Fb page and it’s refreshing stopping at this page. Beautiful blog and everything is just different here.

    Good work!

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