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Ladies! See The 5 Things You Can Borrow From Your Boyfriend’s Wardrobe

Borrowing a few items from your boyfriend’s wardrobe is a great way of giving your dress style an instant boost while massaging his ego.

You have countless outfits in your closet (and on that chair by the door) but you need something to wear out the next day after an unplanned sleepover at your boyfriend’s apartment. We’ve got you covered! 😜

There’s something very sensuous about a woman rocking her boyfriend’s shirt or jacket. He even loves to see you in his clothes, so borrowing a few items from his wardrobe is a great way of giving your dress style an instant boost while massaging his ego.

Here are five items we’d suggest you try out from the wardrobe of that special male in your life. If you’re single at the moment but desire some men-inspired looks, you can buy some.

Button down Shirt

You might already have worn his shirt once or more indoors but be bold enough to rock this outside. Go for pristine colors like white or blue and pair with jeans, a skirt or even under a dress.


Boyfriend jeans didn’t earn that name for nothing – some of the most stylish women around have been wearing over-sized men’s jeans for years, and it was only a matter of time before denim brands took note. Go for a worn, lighter-washed pair, cuff them at the ankles, and wear a belt if need be to keep them up. Pair with high heels and a beautiful top for an evening out or sneakers and a simple t-shirt for a casual look.


Jackets are prominent on the runways right now, and an oversize option (either denim or leather) from your boyfriend’s closet is perfect for draping over your shoulders for rainy night dates. Pair it with a feminine, flirty dress for a nice contrast or a nice pair of jeans.

Flannel Shirt

Rocking boyfriend’s flannel shirts has become a favorite pastime for some women, and for a good reason—they look great! You can tie it at your waist, wear it over a dress, wear it over your shoulder like a jacket. Flannel shirts give basically anything you’re wearing a fresh look.

Wrist Watch

Consider your boyfriend’s wrist watch the perfect starter piece to begin layering bracelets. This is an item you can and should wear everywhere. Don’t worry if the strap on the watch is a little too wide for you — you can let the watch ride on your wrist like a bangle.

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What thing(s) have you borrowed from your boyfriend’s or husband’s wardrobe? Please leave a comment below and share your thought too, will you?

I hope that you find this post useful and perhaps try it soon. You rock! 😘😘


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  1. There is this new shirt my boyfriend just bought and I am so in love with it but he has a thing about lending his clothing…it doesn’t just go well with him. I hope when I finally ask him to borrow me he won’t turn me down. It’s a lovely post anyway.

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