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Make Life Possible Wherever You Go With #Paga!

Get money from family and friends abroad directly on a low-end mobile phone using Paga.

Since 2009 Paga, a financial services provider, has been transforming lives by delivering innovative and universal access to mobile transfer services.

One thing I love about Paga, as a 3rd party payment agent, is that it works on the most basic SMS enabled phone and on all mobile networks so you can have the liberty to have your Paga account available at your finger tips regardless of what phone or network you are using.

With ultimate convenience, you can buy/send airtime credits, pay bills, make retail payment, transfer/receive money by SMS, Online, PAGA mobile application, USSD, or IVR (automated line).

Using Paga, you can better receive instant and secure money transfers from abroad to any Nigerian mobile phone number or bank account in the easiest way possible!

  • Provide your sender with your valid mobile phone number or bank details (name, account number and account name)
  • Request that your sender goes to any
    of Paga’s International Remittance
    Partner’s outlet or website and select Paga to send the funds
  • Receive funds instantly in your Paga account or directly in your bank account

Opening a Paga account is very easy and enables you to withdraw money at any of the easily accessible Paga agents across Nigeria or by card-less withdrawal at selected ATMs; directly transfer money into any bank account in Nigeria or other Paga wallet; pay bills like Cable TV, internet subscriptions, electricity and other utilities; buy airtime.

For money transfer from other countries, PAGA partner coverage includes the following countries
Germany Belgium

Would you rather save yourself the hassle of traveling long distances and standing on queues to receive money by installing the PAGA App on your mobile phone today?

Click HERE to register now!

6 thoughts on “Make Life Possible Wherever You Go With #Paga!

  1. No paga agents in Osun state. Please help us tell them we live in Nigeria too! Lagos is just too much a focal point of businesses in Nigeria. Market opportunities abound in other places too. #irepOAU

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