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My New Crush Is Thermocool “SMALLIE” Generator. Read Why

It is no doubt that the need for comfort and the preservation of perishable goods in the face of unstable power supply has created the need for a more efficient and stable backup power solution. We are however, faced with a decision of choosing from an infinite number of power solution options, the right brand, type and size of Power Generating set.

There are several factors you need to consider in choosing the right Power generating set. To begin with, you need to consider what you need backup power for: home, business, recreation or job site.

My new crush — The NEW Thermocool “SMALLIE” generator comes in a compact size and weighs just 24.5 Kg, allowing you to easily move it around if necessary. How sweet! 😀

The ​Smallie 1000MS (1kVA/0.8kW) Petrol Generator is the most affordable backup power solution if you are on a tight budget.

Talk about Fuel Efficient. The Smallie Generator consumes very little fuel. Only 5 Litres of fuel can last you up to 9 hours. It also has separate compartments for engine oil and petrol meaning that your oil lasts and remains in its compartment for a while. With the Smallie generator, you don’t have to suffer any hazardous emissions. This is because having separate oil and petrol compartments means that the 2 never mix and the exhaust emissions from burning oil become a non-factor leaving you with cleaner air.

Moreso, it is small enough to easily carry around and store away in small spaces. Great for holidays and picnics. Although small in stature, the Smallie generator is powerful enough to power a 60 litre refrigerator, lights, a fan, or a TV.

Should you consider to buy a low-cost new power generating set, I recommend this for you. I’ll be glad to read your comment below and answer any question about my new crush. 😉

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