Package Ur Business! This Is Why Everyone Should Start Using PayMe

It’s about time to UPGRADE

Whether you’re a business owner without a business account or an individual trying to protect their bank account information, with your payme link, all people will ever see is what you want them to see

Without further ado, let me go straight to everything you need to know about PayMe and I’ll also be sharing my own experience as a regular user.

Opening a business account in a bank is lot stressful cos it requires many documents and responsibilities you want to runaway from. The major reason why I am using PayMe is because of its ease of use and how it has helped me package and monitor my business transactions.

For those with unique middle name who would rather not want to be embarrassed by the pronunciation now have a platform that enables them create a customized link for direct payment to their bank accounts without sharing their bank account details to the public.

It only takes 1 minutes (on a strong internet connection) to setup your PayMe account

Just link your bank account then create customised links so you can share them with your customers, friends and family to get paid anytime without any hidden charges!

I have a customised link already and I have been using the link to receive payments for about 3 months now without any issues.

Paying is very simple and super secure!

Given that you have received a PayMe link from a friend, visit the link on a browser and enter the amount you want to pay, fill required details, then input your debit/credit card information (as you would do for any online transaction) and click on the PAY button.

Want to create your PayMe account now? Click HERE>> to get started!


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  1. Thank you for this precise post. I’ll be implementing this payment method once I start my business. I love the xmas theme on your blog. Merry Christmas in advance!

  2. Wow! I love the way you write. You hit the points straight and keep your story short without mincing words. I’ll register right after posting this comment and would always visit here again to read more exciting posts.

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