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WAKE UP! #WDBFastChallenge Is Coming This November

How time flies! I remember when I was prepping for WDB first anniversary competition last November. It was uneasy to come up with a contest idea that involved the general public…my first experience ever. I luckily had one, gave it an attempt and turned out great! But not as easy as it sounds though.

How time flies! I’m here again, warmed over thoughts of how I can do better in our community. We live in the era of smart technology and I’m awaken to come up with something that has to do with SMARTNESS!

Wake up! if you’re still snoring. Better still, wake up! if you’re not living the smart life.


You must have seen a plane fly. Just capture the speed. Yes, the speed is what I’m interested in. That’s how fast our lives are changing in the smart world we live.

If you’re using a smart phone (Android or iPhone) and you’re not thinking, acting, talking smart…you belong to the underworld. Hate me for this, I don’t care!

A typical Nigerian would outsmart others at any slightest opportunity until they meet their doom. Abi na lie?

So, I will be challenging every smart phone user in Nigeria who CLAIM to be fast and smart!

Starting from November 1, there will be weekly trivia on Facebook and Instagram for four weeks. Two entrants will be selected based on merit (no vote is required) at the end of each trivia. By the end of the WDB FAST CHALLENGE we will have eight entrants (finalists) who will be invited for a physical challenge. One winner and two runners-up will be rewarded for their brevity, smartness and speed! Others will be given consolidation prizes.

We’re fast approaching the season of love and sharing – December! What better time than now to start winning amazing prizes for yourself and loved ones. Join me in WDB FAST CHALLENGE and show off your smart ass skills. I’ll be sharing more information about WDB 2nd Anniversary Competitions in my subsequent posts.

Stay with me! 😉

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