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[INTERVIEW] “It’s not easy dealing with customers. I’ve had customers with low budget that want expensive hair.” — MUSBAU SHOLA; CEO, Trending Hairs

Musbau Shola is a 400 level student of University of Lagos (UNILAG), studying Economics. She is the CEO of Trending Hairs. In this interview, she gives an insight to her personal life while she recounts the achievements she has made even though there have been challenges. Excerpts:

Why did you choose to do this business and when did you start precisely?

I started this business September 2012. Then I was seeking admission into UNILAG. Although I’m not a fulltime student, that’s why it’s easier to do business and study at the same time.

Why did you choose to do hair business?

It’s not like I have many choices then, someone just told me about the business. So I decided to give it a try. Since then, I’ve not turned back. I really love my job now.

You started by funding your business yourself, has there been any time you thought of quitting?

Hmm, the first 3 months weren’t that good. I did not have contacts (customers). So sales was low. I wanted to quit, but I did not.

As an Economics student, how well have you been able to apply your knowledge to your business operation?

It has really helped me. It has helped me in making important decisions. Taking important risks. Actually my economics knowledge have made me a better business person than most people I met in the business.

We would like to know the types of hair you sell and how affordable they are.

I sell both treated hairs and virgin hairs. Virgin hairs are more expensive and last longer than the treated hairs.

Could you be precise about the human hairs you sell?

That’s the best way to classify human hairs. Ladies will understand better.

We would like for you to be more precise, for the benefit of the opposite gender, you know?

Okay. The treated hairs are the human hairs with low quality while the virgin hairs are standard hairs with higher quality.

If I’m correct, we have the Malaysian hair, Brazilian hair, to mention a few, right?

Yes. The human hair consists of hairs like Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, Caribbean, Malaysian, and others. We treat Brazilian hair and virgin Brazilian hair too.

As a business owner, what has been your achievement, and biggest challenge so far?

There have been a lot of achievements. Financially I’m better now. My business has also made me meet good people and contacts. I’ve experienced a lot also since I started this business. It has not been easy mixing education and business together, especially during examination period. There have been challenges of getting more customers on social media too (I’m trying to be more active on Instagram).

It can be very difficult to meet the expectations and demands of some customers. How has it been, dealing with this?

It’s not easy dealing with customers. I’ve had customers with low budget that want expensive hair. Some customers don’t even maintain their hair well, which lead to tangling and shredding. So I have need to lecture them about hair maintenance. There’s this challenge of exchange rate too (dollar/naira). So many challenges, but I just have to deal with them all because there’s no business without challenges.

Do you have people working for you?

Hmm, yes. But not on salary basis though. I have guys that do delivery, they are paid based on each delivery they make and I have guys that bring customers to shop, they get commission for every customer that buys.

On a rate of 1 to 10, what would you rate our interaction with you?


Thank you! 🙂 Suppose you log in to your Facebook account and want to update your status; What’s on your mind?

More plans, less noise.

If I were a lady, which human hair would you recommend for me, and why?

Sincerely, I have to see your face before recommending any hair for you because your facial look will make me know the most suitable hair for you.


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Would you like to get in touch with Shola?

You may contact her via:

Address – 26 Breadfruit street, Balogun market, Lagos Island.

WhatsApp – 08155941172

Bbm – 2BFB11F1

Instagram – @trendinghairs

Phone – 08169177966

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