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[INTERVIEW] “I have had so many challenges on several occasions. To sell is a huge challenge.” — OLUFOWORA BAKARE; CEO, Eljay Homes

Olufowora Bakare hails from Ogun state and resides in Ikorodu, Lagos state. He is the CEO of Eljay Homes and a Consultant in EUC Homes. In this interview, he shares his experiences, when he started his business, how he overcame his major challenges, and his favourite African meal. Excerpts:

So, who inspired you to become a realtor?

My boss, Mr Chris Abiodun. He’s the CEO of Christal homes, a gentle man to the core, plain and doesn’t take nonsense. Obviously. He made me fall for it.

We would like to have an insight to your business; when you started, and the services you offer.

I started exactly in November, 2015. I am into properties, lands and buildings. Well, I am a Consultant in EUC Homes. They sell lands within Ibeju-Lekki axis and also own my company Eljay Homes which is also into same business.

Speaking about Eljay Homes, do you only sell lands too?

No. We sell buildings and we are still looking into constructions.

Let me take you down the memory lane a little. How would you describe when you started and how far you have gone in your business, as the CEO of Eljay Homes?

Really, it’s been difficult from the on set but so far I have been able to put things together. Success is still in progress.

How have you been joggling your activities as a Consultant in EUC Homes and CEO of Eljay Homes?

Well, being a consultant has been easy, because it’s the same job with what I do in my company. Although I have been doing more of EUC Homes jobs and investing whatever I earn into Eljay Homes.

Is your business open to the general public or a specific class of people?

The general public, definitely.

We would like for you to share your success story and major challenges, so far, with us.

Well, I have had so many challenges on several occasions. To sell is a huge challenge, you know? After placing an advert for some months and you receive no calls from anybody, you begin to wonder why. So, overcoming these has been through prayers and my belief in God and am still longing for my breakthrough and it’s here soon!

Where are your lands located?

I have loads of lands in Ibeju-Lekki and Ikorodu. In fact, acres of lands.

Following the housing policies by Lagos state government to enable affordability in owning a house, how is your business thriving amidst the several government housing projects?

Well, we make the payment easy for everyone to make. Even the homeless can benefit from us.

Speaking about African cuisine, what is your favourite, and how often do you have the meal?

I love semolina with vegetable, and I have it almost often for dinner.

Would you like to tell us about your family?

Am still single.

Suppose you log in to your facebook account and want to update your status – What’s on your mind?

Life lesson: If something costs $1000, and it’s on sale for $750, and then you decide to buy it, you have not saved $250. Instead, you have just spent $750. Have an investment culture. Little drops of rain make an ocean. I love you! Have a splendid day ahead.


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Would you like to get in touch with Bakare?

You may contact him via:

Office Address
House 5, Ogunshe Estate, Shagamu Road, Ikorodu, Lagos.
Call/Text 08111979319 OR 09090850781

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