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[INTERVIEW] “I see people buying bleaching cream all in the name of looking fair but it ends up giving them a terrible result” — VICTORIA BURTZ; CEO, Burtz Signature

Victoria Burtz hails from Delta state but resides in Benin, Edo state. She is a skin specialist and a pro makeover artist who has been in business for about 3 years. In this interview, she shares insight to her various products, how she produces them as well as her experiences so far as an entrepreneur. She also talks about her favourite meal and song. Excerpts:

Please, may we meet you?

My name is Victoria Burtz. I’m a skin specialist and I make creams and sell, but they are safe creams not chemical mixed cream. It gives the skin that nice look and soft complexion. And I cure some skin diseases like pimples, acne, eczema, rashes. I also sell what makes one loose weight and makes one have a flat tommy. I’m a professional makeover artist too; I do makeovers for weddings and occasions. In addition, I do training too for people who are coming up.

When exactly did you start this business, and what motivated you to start?

I started in December 2013. I was motivated when I saw people complaining of skin diseases they can’t cure, and I also see people buying bleaching cream all in the name of looking fair but it ends up giving them a terrible result like different complexion and dark knuckles. I just had to go do a skin care training so I can sell good and natural creams to people.

Where did you do the training, and when was that?

In Benin. I did the training in August 2013 before I started fully in 2013 December.

As a business owner, challenges are inevitable. We would like to have an insight to your challenges so far and how well you tackled them.

Yes, there were indeed a lot of challenges but that was when I started new. Some clients won’t want to buy until they see the products. So, me getting the ingredients and making it with my money was a challenge because after making, some clients might just cancel their orders, and it will take a while for me to sell it and regain my cash spent.

Do you have people working for you?

Yes, I have people who are working for me.

So, you mix the ingredients manually?

Yes. Although, I use mixer sometime. My products are herbal.

You reside in Benin. Does that imply that your business is targeted at people from the environ only?

No. My business is targeted nationwide.

Looking from when you started to how far you have gone in this business, have you had any major achievement? And, would you say you’re fulfilled as a business owner, already?

Not yet fulfilled but getting there.

How do you deliver your products to customers who do not reside in Benin?

I use a courier service, mostly God is good courier service.

Would you like to enlighten us on the range of products you produce as well as their functions?

I have the whitening creams that gets the skin white with no side effects. I have the stretch marks removal cream that clears away stretch marks no matter how tough. I also have the pink lips balm that gets the dark lips pink in just 5 days. I have the maintenance cream in case you want to maintain your complexion and make it glow. I have the slimming tea and pills that gets one slim no matter how fat. I have the pimples, acne and spot removal. And so many more I can’t even name. Anything about skin care is what I do.

Besides your business, what can you do best?

Cook and sing!

Hmm. What’s your favourite song of all time?

Bulie by Preye.

Okay. Speaking about intercontinental cuisine, what is your favourite and when last did you have the meal?

Chips and shrimps. That was like 4years ago.


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Would you like to get in touch with Victoria?

You may contact her via:
Business line – 09086963424
Address – First gate by Ipoba Hill, Benin city, Edo state.
E-mail – Vickyomus@yahoo.com
Instagram – @victoria_o_burtz
Facebook page – BURTZ signature

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