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Odewade Aderoju – Nigerians Need To Wake Up!

Odewade Aderoju (alias Deroj), founder of Oba Media Consult, is a smart young Nigerian who has successfully created a niche for himself in the competitive digital and social media marketing space in Nigeria

In a recent meeting, he shares his achievements and challenges so far on his journey to providing solutions to one of the problems facing businesses in Nigeria. Excerpts

The world is embracing technology and internet has become a tool for solving various world challenges, how have you benefited from the internet?
With the way I see things the internet is fast becoming the new society. I will say I have benefited immensely, as my work evolves around solving Online Media Publicity problems as well as reaching clients target Audience online.

How are you contributing to the growth of Nigeria’s economy using the internet?
I have done a whole lot, and will continue to do more. Basically I help businesses grow and boost sales by reaching their target audience. I believe strongly in giving back to a society you’ve gained from however how much you’ve earned. I also do my own form of CSR.

What did you notice that was missing in the Nigerian landscape that made you establish Oba Media Consult?
Hmm…that’s an interesting question. I observed that there are a whole lot of people on Social Media in Nigeria. Virtually 3 of every 5 Nigerian is on Facebook if not more, and then I noticed most people kept complaining about the issue of having products and the challenge of reaching people who needed them; they are willing to pay any amount just to sell their products. This led me to go into Social Media Marketing to bridge the gap.

How does Oba Media Consult connect targeted customers to brands?
We use the major Social Media Marketing platforms depending on the Project at hand to reach targeted customers or audience.

What stories do you post on the internet?
All round stories. From Lifestyle to Relationship to Memes, to Gossips, Happy posts and #LetsGetTalking which is always an interactive trend for people to contribute to.

What have been the challenges so far?
The major challenge is that Nigerians need to wake up and come to the actualization that social media has come to stay. And when something new comes there will be a few challenges that every one will face but over time we will overcome them. Another challenge we are having at the moment is Online Scammers – Those disguising to be Social Media Marketers but collect money from people and later block them or simply stop taking calls. That makes it difficult for some clients to deal with us. Even when they meet with you they still have doubts. I am positive that over time it will be so easy to separate the beams from the shafts as we all know you can’t sell a bad product twice.

Another major challenge is desperate Social Media Marketers. Yes, those who are charging 70% lesser than the normal cost and at the end of the day do a noneffective job hence leaving prospective clients with doubts in Social media marketing potentials. I once had an experience where a client told me someone was offering him N6,000 per month for a Sponsored Advert. Just imagine…who does that!?

What are the successes and achievements so far?
Hmm…a whole lot!!! Numbers don’t lie. Check out my Instagram page @obamediaconsult and website to see the record.

You’re the PR of Ojaja 2 Talent Hunt, what’s the rationale behind the competition?
It’s a project with the aim of liberating and empowering the nigerian youths powered by the Ooni of Ife OBA Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi. The Ojaja 2 of Ile-Ife.

What’s your prediction for Nigeria’s adjustment to dynamic technology and social media trends in 10 years time?
We would have gone really far in technology. The speed at which we are growing tech wise is overwhelming.

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