Acting President Visits Rite Foods Factory. See What His Reaction Was!

On Thursday July 13, the acting president Professor Osinbajo toured Rite Foods bakery and beverages factories in Ogun state.

Rite Foods Ltd is the manufacturer of popular brands like Bigi Cola, Bigi Soda, Rite sausages…to mention a few. I was not opportune to catch the moment but my source did. So I thought of sharing little from what went down 😀

By the way, I gathered that the Acting President came in a chopper. Uhnm…could it be as result of heavy traffic congestion or the roads are just too dilapidated that his posh car and entourage cannot ply?? Anyway, he left a brief comment which summarizes his tour experience as well as reaction to the development of Rite Foods Limited.

Here are a few cut from the so-called #WorldClassFactoryTour

I can see 3 choppers. Because he is the Acting President…?? #SealsMouth
The Governor of Ogun State, Gov. Amosun joined the ‘tour’…
Inside one of the facilities…

So, if you have been curious to know what his reaction was, here you have it…

This is not an endorsement. No! He could have written the same if he visited another factory

Nonetheless, it is glaring that the Acting President Professor Osinbajo enjoyed himself in the tour of Rite Foods Limited ‘World Class’ factories!

What did you think of Rite foods products, and does the company deserve such an iconic moment?
Whatever your responses are, I would love to read your comment. It will definitely make my day a pleasant one! 😉


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