Everyone At Itel 10th Anniversary & Phone Launch Party Went On A Wavy Level!

I make well to say that, Itel 10th anniversary was a golden moment. Best of it all, two of Itel latest cutting-edge mobile devices were unveiled!

To me, Itel come as one phone brand that has positioned itself in Africa to empower everyone with seamless mobile communication through reliable, trendy and affordable mobile devices.

Talk about Itel feature phones (by that I meant, phones without sophisticated functions but with minimal functions that come handy when your sophisticated phone gets too excited literally) and smart phones (ok. I’m talking about Android phone now. You grab?), there are two major things that are not farfetched – Affordable and Reliable. Those are the core values that have kept Itel right on track for 10 years and still counting.

So, I was at the event on Friday the 20th at Sheraton hotel in Lagos and there was a lot to take away! MC Accapella cracked us up with something-light joke 😉 …

The anniversary cake. Tastes yummy 😋
You’ll marvel at the great features embedded in the S32, S32 LTE and S12 devices
Atilogwu dancers got everyone excited with their magical moves
Usual late comer 😀😀 but I arrived very early this time 😜
Itel president, David Lei, with excited staff
L-R: Falana Temitope, Itel social media lead excutive; Luke Wiliam, Country Manager; Ogunpaimo Taiwo, Social media excutive; Olaniyi Kunle, itel creative art director
Regional Marketing Manager Mr Haibo and ushers
Mr Jack and itel phone promoters
Atilogwu dancers
Slaying ushers 😉
MC Accapella doing his thing

…Oritsefemi, the Musical Taliban, came through as well! His electrifying performance suddenly switched everyone to the wavy level mode at the sound of his hit tracks – Double Wahala and Ongba Larami (Boiling On Me) 😂😂

Oritsefemi just getting started 😀
Wavy level mode ACTIVATED! 💃💃
Marketing manager, Marvin Umebiye signing on the wall-of-fame, I suppose

There you have it all. Thanks for coming far to this point. You’re amazing! 👍

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