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Oh…Not Again! What’s Tecno Really Up To??

In some instances, it feels like the world is ending pretty soon. Shortly after, you’ll realise there’s lot more to do before you gasp for the last breath. Could that be the case of Tecno Mobile?

Tecno Mobile recently revealed another android phone model that sent me into an uproar. Yes, you read that right.

Tecno Spark – what a name!

T’was launched with Tecno Spark party in various universities, in August. I see no point in making fuss about Tecno Spark, anyway.

How could Tecno release the so-called Spark series when Nigerians, in this hard time, are struggling to buy the recent Camon series – Cx and Cx air not to mention the Cx limited edition that was sold at an extreme price?!

I am beginning to probe the spate of Tecno production. Before you say Jack, another model is up for sale. Now, Tecno Spark and Spark plus is the rave of the moment.

Imagine you bought a Tecno phone two months ago and there is a new model already with similar features but cheaper price. You are persuaded to trade your two months old phone for the new one. That’s way too derisive!

My point is this…

The producers of Tecno smartphones should calm down. Phone brands that are globally renowned do not have this urge, you know?

Who dey pursue una? (pardon my vernacular) Slow down and stop bombarding customers with incesant phone release.

“Sheybi na china phone”.

Some people still make such remark about Tecno phones despite the huge strides achieved in producing high-end smartphones.

If your mission statement is Occupy till I come, I would rather you leave that to the religious folks and focus more on CSR projects, queries and feedback. Listen to the voice of your customers, they WANT your attention!

In as much as I am uncomfortable with the spate of Tecno production, to make this post objective I am sharing an unboxing video of Tecno Spark and Spark plus. You may like the features, just incase.

Speaking about the price, it is between 32,000 naira and 40,000 naira depending on your location.

Do we share similar perception? Whatever your perception may be, feel free to leave a reply; I would love to read your opinion in the comment section. Be sure to share this post too. Will you? 😉

11 thoughts on “Oh…Not Again! What’s Tecno Really Up To??

  1. lol. you nailed it bro and i agree with you. they are just too much. i prefer infinix and m enjoying my infinix phone

  2. This is very hilarious! You write as if you’re scolding Tecno but at the end you went on to mention the price. Is this some advertising strategy? Lol

  3. Lol. You are very correct cos even apple releases just one model every year likewise samsung and other big phone brands. Tecno is trying to pull attention towards their brand but it’s getting wound up.

  4. This post amuses me. At first I thought Tecno had gone Kaboom but coming down here to read the full post, you leave me in awe. I can’t say exactly what reason Tecno has for ‘the’ urge but if it leads them to increased sales they should continue in the spirit.

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