I Love This! Really??

SEE: Fans React To FCMB Tweet About Morata

This one weak me scatter

Every evening, after the day’s activities, before retiring to bed, I troll the social media for eye-catching posts that would crack me up

So I ran into a tweet of First City Monument Bank (FCMB) recently and trust me when I say the account handler’s got no chill at all 🙅! A reliable source confirmed the account handler to be a male staff who always has a response to every tweet about FCMB he comes across.

If you’re football fan, then you’re aware of the recent match between Chelsea and Arsenal right? Oh yeah, how was it?? Lol 😉😂

As at the time of writing this post, the tweet had been retweeted by 4,123 accounts (that’s an amazing count if you asked me)! Anyway, I have the tweet and some hilarious comments embeded below for your viewing pleasure only

The Tweet


And finally…I’m outta here with this last one 😂

I hope this post makes you smirk. If it doesn’t, I’m not sorry because I tried ✌


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