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#WDBFastChallenge Football Trivia Has Ended — See What’s Next!

I looked forward to seeing how smarter and faster people can be when asked to rep their favourite football club and mention their best 11 players in the team within just a few seconds. Entries came in and yeah…they were mind-blowing!

A day to commencement of the Football Trivia, Facebook and Instagram users were all agog with curiosity to join #WDBFastChallenge. At 6pm on November 6th, entry was open for the trivia!

It was good to see how people were keen on participating and entries were voluminous. Just a few entrants exceeded the time limit of 15 seconds while others were at close range of speed which made it tough for the judges to pick the best 2.

However close the speed (time) range of entries was, the judges must make their final decisions for the best 2 out of over 120 entries. As of time of writing this post, I am yet to be notified of the final selection.

At 5pm today, I’ll be announcing the BEST 2 ENTRIES of the Football Trivia that qualify for the final round of selections. If your entry is not selected, there’s ample opportunity for you to be among the six finalists we need by participating in the upcoming WDB TRIVIA and MUSIC TRIVIA.

Moreso, I mentioned in my earlier post that there will be two competitions to celebrate WDB 2nd year anniversary. We’re still holding the first and the second will be on Twitter. I’m not disclosing any information about it yet.

There’s enough room to join the #WDBFastChallenge if you haven’t. Follow our activities on Instagram and Facebook for you not to miss out on the upcoming trivias and giveaway.

Tell a friend to tell others about #WDBFastChallenge! Will you? 😉😉

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