This Week: Exclusive Promos On #UNScripted (See Video Now!)

Hiya! I hope you are enjoying every moment the day brings.

The recent activities on Whatsup Deals Blog Instagram page (follow @whatsupdealsblog) have been quite impressive, if I can say even more. Anyways, I should have written this post earlier, perhaps yesterday but I was only lazy, to say the least. Lol! 😀

Moving on…

This Week on #UNScripted, Tobi and Chukwudi took a different turn in giving more insight to the ongoing #FlexxYourCreativityContest and #KongaDailyWeddingGiveaway respectively.

Tobi is a model and Chukwudi is a foodie. Need I say more?! 😛 They went for the right promotional offer that interests them the most.

Watch these videos and be sure to share your thought on who nailed it better out of the two of them; by leaving a comment below this post. You rock! 😉

A post shared by Whatsup Deals Blog #WDB (@whatsupdealsblog) on

A post shared by Whatsup Deals Blog #WDB (@whatsupdealsblog) on

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