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Instead of a tie, boxers, or cologne, surprise your man or boyfriend with something thoughtful and unique this Christmas! Unlike women, men are easy to buy for. Men like gifts they can use. Depending on his hobbies, he might want sports equipment or musical supplies. If he likes to drink, consider a flask or bar set.

Although the old adage says food is the way to a man’s heart, today’s tech-savvy men are more likely to have a wire running from the latest gadget to that life-giving muscle. Are you dating a guy who’s into the newest and coolest technology? This type of guy likes to learn how things work.
He likes gifts he can play with or gifts that make him laugh. Is it time for a new phone? If you’ve got some money around, get him the newest smartphone.

Here are a few other things to buy

They are not the most original of gift ideas, but what makes watches such great gifts is their versatility. No matter what personality your loved one has, there is a watch for him. The best part is that watches cut across an entire range of budgets too.
So choose carefully and don’t run into debt when you want to buy for him.

Ah, grooming. Often the bane of many men’s existence, grooming may vary from occasionally trimming one’s neck-beard, to meticulously maintaining a clean-cut hairstyle. Fortunately, products exist to suit every level of personal hygiene, and ranges from products such as Rogaine, to boost hair growth, to nose hair trimmers.
Unless he pays extreme attention to personal appearance, men’s grooming products are generally geared toward men between 50 and below.

The great outdoors serves as a draw for men from a plethora of different backgrounds and lifestyles, ranging from the perpetual office worker to the supermarket bagger. Sports and outdoor gear, fortunately, spans over quite a wide range of interests and price points, making it an ideal gift-giving category for loved ones, casual acquaintances, and friends alike. For younger men, simple camping or sporting equipment is likely best (i.e. pocket knives, protective equipment, basic camping gear), while older men would likely benefit and appreciate larger, more specific gifts, including a mountain bike, a pair of shoes specific to their needs.
When selecting a gift from this category, his personality is key.

*Finally, the best inexpensive gift you can give is your time. So even if it’s going to the movies and having hot dogs for lunch, you’re creating a memory together and enjoying each other’s company. Remember, best friends stay CONNECTED always!

Merry Christmas in advance 🙂

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