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Whatsup Deals Blog #UNScripted Is Up To Something! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜€ | | WDBNigeria

Whatsup Deals Blog #UNScripted Is Up To Something! 😉😀

Just as Iyanya and Don Jazzy were up to something in their first studio recording, your lovely WDB too is!

Yipee! πŸ˜› Although we did not make a big fuss over what we were coming up with. If you are following WDB social media accounts, especially @whatsupdealsblog on IG, you must have seen this photo

Without further ado, stay with me while I run through everything you need to know about what we are NOW buzzing!

First thing to note…

UNSCRIPTED is a 60 seconds video teaser for exclusive deals & promotional offers published on WDB. It also features WDB trending posts, events, scooped stories of brands, interviews with business owners, and a whole lot more with major focus on brands that you love.

Another thing to note…

UNSCRIPTED is unarguably the FIRST video teaser for deals and promotional offers in Nigeria. What initiated this idea is the immense contributions of tech bloggers who make unboxing videos of smarthpones and other tech devices. So we thought of doing something similar but in a way that appeals to existing and prospective audience of Whatsup Deals Blog.


UNSCRIPTED offers advertisement placement for businesses and individuals who would like to catch attention of viewers. More information on this will be available in subsequent series of UNSCRIPTED.

That said, I am super excited πŸ˜€ to introduce Ayinde Tobi and Wowo Chukwudi β€”the presenters of UNSCRIPTED!

Turn on Whatsup Deals Blog post notification on Instagram for more UNScripted Videos! πŸ˜‰

9 thoughts on “Whatsup Deals Blog #UNScripted Is Up To Something! 😉😀

  1. Spent about 20mins on this site and I can’t read a post without leaving a comment. This site is the dopest I have seen and I am loving this idea of unscripted. Guy, u don blow!

  2. Saw d video on IG and it is very dope. You guys are just unbelievable! I wil always visit this blog and follow ur posts on IG for more videos.

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