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UNScripted premieres #SoundIt — Watch The debut Episode Now!

Yippee!! #SoundIt premieres today. 😀

#SoundIt is a novel show on UNScripted that focuses on trendy topics in what genre you can think of. Call it fashion, politics, entertainment, sports, education…to name a few.

With #SoundIt, we believe we can extend our reach beyond the confine of our ‘core’ audience and hence, capture the hearts of many who will love to activate deals and promotional offers on Whatsup Deals Blog just like those who are in love with us already. By ‘those’, I meant people like YOU — WDB loyal readers! 😉

In this debut episode of #SoundIt

Tobi and Chukwudi combine their interests (being Model and Foodie respectively) to discuss the general notion of “how models should look”.

Tobi shares her personal thought of what modelling entails and Chukwudi highlights a few points on modelling to buttress Tobi’s opinion. The duo went on to reveal their food craving with a reflection on WHAT MODELS SHOULD EAT AND AVOID to remain fit.

Watch and enjoy! Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Catchya in the next episode. You rock!

4 thoughts on “UNScripted premieres #SoundIt — Watch The debut Episode Now!

  1. Wow! This is an amazing video. Well, i think models should be slim rather than chubby for them to be flexible and sexy. A model can be foodie, there are supplements to burn calories, just in case their body oversize.

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